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Dave's Sichuan Opera Tickets

Ticket Price 90RMB

You can attend this unparalleled cultural display. Everything is here for you to feast your eyes on. The variety and quality of the acts is astonishing. Fire breathing, kung-fu flipping, mask changing (which is undoubtedly the high point of the show), traditional Sichuan opera (which is a lot more farcical than any other opera you may have seen), flag-waving and frankly other acts that can not be described here. Here's how it works: you arrive a little early to see the magnificent scenery and traditional architecture in the surrounding Wuhou Temple's park (immediately adjacent to Holly's and Dreams Hostels) Massive water lilies, ornate carvings, Opera intricately manicured vegetation and elaborate landscaping will impress even the most jaded tourist. You will sit at some comfortable bamboo chairs and have tea served quickly and frequently by smiling strangers. You will be given a large bowl of complementary peanuts and sunflower seeds. You will be offered a service for ear cleaning which you will see other people receiving, and which is really pretty weird! You will similarly be offered massages by well trained experts. And the show will begin. The magnificent show, whose few amateurish aspects are only the more endearing for being so, with the flipping, singing, dancing, fire breathing, and, yes, more than all of the things mentioned above. The show lasts about an hour and a half, after its commencement at 8pm daily. Feel free to price shop, but you will only have to walk glumly, tail between your legs back to Dave's oasis, which absolutely guarantees its price as the best in town. We'll give you the ticket for free if you find a lower price anywhere before or after the show. Most people pay the cover price of ¥ 180, heck. ¥ 90 is a bargain for this sort of thing