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Dave's Panda Tour

Tour Price = 70RMB

Chengdu panda breeding center is located about 17km north of Chengdu. First opened in 1987Panda with a small plot of land and only five pandas, after 20 years this figure has grow to a massive 46 Giant Pandas with a further 30 Red Pandas. The red panda isn't to be confused with the Giant Panda, it looks more like a red raccoon than a panda. Both the Giant Pandas and the Red Pandas have been reared in a natural habitat, safe from predators. Within this habitat they are allowed to roam at will and come accustomed to natural life. Many have been reared by humans or with human contact, but this is to ensure that they will be around for the next generations to see. The tour will start at 7.30am, depending on where your hotel is, hotel pick ups are available included into the price (when ordering tickets from Dave, please state hotel name) You will be driven out to the reserve and have a morning of looking and involving yourself in the world of pandas.

The reserve will let you hold some pandas for the ultimate photo opportunity!
The prices as follows:

Baby Giant Panda = ¥ 800
Sub-adult = ¥ 400
Red Panda = ¥ 50

You will be dropped off at your hotel at around 11.30am. The trip to the reserve are done on public transport, this is to keep the price to a very competitive level, however if private car or minibus hire is needed please feel free to ask, but understand the price will increase.